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RB-3816 The United States 1/24 R/C Tank M1A2 ABRAMS

Product size : 41.5��15��12cm
INSIDE/CM: 46.5*25*48
G.W(kg): 23
N.W(kg): 20

1.Going normally and accelerate going of the tank, and can carry on omni-directional remote control to the car body.
2.Through setting up three different signal tracks, many group tanks can support multi-users to operate in one place at the same time.
3.High emulation , climbing, shooting, rotating gun turret, the barrel moved from head to foot, showing information by the light, etc,.
4.The inside sets up six sets of demonstrations procedures and suitable for the user to transfer at will , and there can be 32 kinds of movement of making up by oneself, The flexibility is good.
5.Rechargeable battery 9.6v-750mAh
6.AC-DC Adaptor
7.9Volt battery
8.6m/m Ball bullet 80~100 pcs
9.Certificate: EN71 Letter of patent of appearance design
10.three channel in one Frequency
11.PACKAGE: Color box

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