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ep-spa003 PREDATOR RQ-1L

Basic Parameter:
Fuselage overall length:760 mm
Wing loading:35.03g
Wing area:15.70
Flying weight:550g 19.40 OZ
Color box dimension: 1025 X 365 X 130mm
Carton dimension: 1045 X 545 X 390mm(4 color box/ctn, G.W.:12kg)

Basic Collocation:
Motor: 290 ED
Battery: 9.6v,600mah NIMH
Propeller: SAPAC8X6 Two-Paddles Propeller
ESC: brush ESC
Charger: 10.8V charger
Servo: 9g micro servo (2 pcs)
R/C system: PPM-FM 4 channel proportional system

Upgraded collocation:
1.Motor:KV950, 2830 out-runner brushless motor
2.ESC:18A brushless speed control panel
3.Battery:11.0v, 1200 MAH
4.Charge:12.6v, 1000 MAH
After upgraded, the capability will more remarkable.

Main Character:
1.RQ-1L 4channels proportional R/C airplane is made according to the U.S. RQ-1L predator developing, perfect emulational.
2.Has a formidable safety and ascend ability.
3.RQ-1L suitable for flying environs, just because it has a large volume and the flying weight about 550g. Unsuitable for indoor or backyard. After simple assembly and recharge then the whole set can fly. About 10 minutes flight time for each charge.
4.The structure with reason, and very convenience for install and maintenance.
5.Appearance Design Patent Certificate

Upgrade version:
Item no.:ep-spa003 pro
Feature:2830 out-runner brushless motor/20A esc/11.1v1200mah lipo

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