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Mirage 2000 black BÝrstelÝs

Mirage 2000
Powerful Ducted Fan jet!
Aerobatic Electric Ducted Fan Jet;
Perfect Rolls, Loop,Hedgehopp,Invert Flight;
Non-tail Delta Wing;
Long flight time: about 15 Minutes;
Suitable for the advanced pilot;
Wingspan approx.: 632mm;
Length: 970mm;
Flying weight: 520g;
Wing area: 5dm2 ;
Wing load: 26g/dm2;
 Brushless Powered;
20A Powerful ESC;
Three 9 gram servos;
PPM. F.M Radio System;
3 Cell Li-Po Battery;
4 Channel F.M. Radio System
F.M Transmitter
Micro 6ch Receiver
3000 foot range
Fatuba/Hitech compatible
Charging jack
Led battery indicator
Trim tabs
Børsteløs motor
20A Powerful ESC
3x 9g mini servoer
4 kanals PPM FM 35 Mhz radio Mode 2
11,1V/1300mah Li-po batteri

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EP-Wilga2000pro bÝrstelÝs
5808 MIRAGE 2000 ducted fan jet, ready to fly
5808 MIRAGE 2000 ducted fan jet, ready to fly