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ss-cr14 Blue.nose(CANADA) 885150720

Specifications:/ 885×150×720
Fibreglass Hull,Wooden Deck

Out Package:910mm×290mm×780mm

Owing to the dissatisfaction of the limitation of the American sailboat competition (only Britain and USA could take part in), a Canadian called W.H. Danis set up the international sailboat competition called as "international fishermen sailboat competition ". Blue Nose was especially designed for the competition. She was built by Canada in 1921 with a length of 43.6 meters, a breadth of 8.2 meter and a displacement of 285 tons. She was famous for her fast speed and swift manipulation. For many times she won the first places. In 1946 she sank because of running on rocks. In 1963 Canada rebuilt the boat with a length of 54 meters and made it an image ambassador.   

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