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ss-cr13 Cutty Sarka -UK 420x120x270

Cutty Sarka (U.K.)
Specifications:420x120x270 /
Fibreglass Hull,Wooden Deck
Out Package:450mm x 130mm x 370mm

Cutty.Sark, built in 1869, was the fast sailboat to Europe from China by the way of South China Sea, Indian Ocean and the Good Hope Cape in the southern tip of Africa at a speed of 30 kilometer per hour. For many years, she sent Chinese tea to Europe and made great contribution to the spread of Chinese tea culture. Cutty. Sark got her name from a piece of British poem "Tamo' shtanter" written by Robert Pense. Tamo came across a group of witches, who were very ugly except one called Nanny. Nanny was both young and beautiful. She had a favorite shirt called "cutty sark", which became the name the the boat. In 1957, after being repaired the boat was reserved in marine museum of Greenwich.

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