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es-1b bait boat, with fish finder

1.Hull of the boat is made of high quality engineering plastic. By injection moulding, the hull is handsome while robust.
2.Hermetic gum rings are fixed on anterior and posterior hatch boards and other connecting portions of the boat, which ensures that water will not flow into the cabin even sinking.
3.Kentledge fixed inside the cabin is able to keep the balance of the boat when sailing, which ensures the boat to turn back, even though it is overturned by stormy waves.  
4.Power section adopts double 540 motors, and double decelerating gear chains transmission, which has enhanced efficiency of the electric machinery and prolonged the sailing time.
5.The design of built-in screw propeller has overcome disadvantages of out-built design , which makes it so suitable to waters with weeds and floaters. It is able to prove the weeds and floaters from twisting, which can extend the life of the screw propeller.
6.In order to adapt sailing in the dark, three directing lights are equipped on the boat, by which the operator can control and identify the direction of the boat expediently in darkness.
7.Transmitter is intercalated with unique address code.Different transmitters with different address code will not disturb each  other,which ensures that several boats can sail at one
time in one place.
8. Fish-detecting function with remote control supersonic, the supersonic detecting head which installed at the bottom of the boat can find the shoal within 2-30 meters in the water, and show it on the handset by radio signal
9. Fish-tempting light function with remote control, the big power, high brightness light which installed at the bottom of the boat is controlled by the transmitter, it can tempt shoal at night
10. Automatic fishhook-dropping device: after casting the bait, the hook is still on the boat, and whiff in the water. When the fish bit the hook, the fishing line will be dropped from the boat automatically, and the fisher can draw it back at the bank.
11. The handset can also telemeter and show the battery electric charge of the boat, in order to avoid the boat from losing control caused by losing battery electric charge.

1. Overall size: 675*200*210mm
2. Weight: 4.25kg (with accumulator and kentledge) 1.2kg (without accumulator and kentledge)
3. Power supply: 12V/4.3Ah accumulator, able to continuously work over 2 hours after charging.
4. Speed: 1 m/s
5. Controlling distance: 300- 500 m in water
6. Working voltage of electromagnet: 12v
7. Working current of electromagnet: 1.6Ah
8. Connecting time of electromagnet: 1s
9. Drive system: double 540 motors, gear chains deceleration, built-in screw propeller
10.Main Functions: sailing forward, turning left/right, dropping fishhook, baiting, and directing.
11.Bait container load: 500g.
1.Adopting address code
2.Power supply: 6F22 (9V)
3.Size: 150mm X 45mm X 24mm
4.Aerial: 258mm transmitter Main functions: Control the boat to move forward, turn left and right, and flick and draw back the bait container; Control the fish-tempting light on the boat; Receive the data of detecting, show the depth and temperature of the water, also the position of the shoal; Setup the transmitting intensity of the supersonic; Monitor the electric voltage of the battery on boat. Content shown on the LCD screen Depth of the water: 1-30meters Position of the shoal: 1-30meters Temperature of the water Electric charge of battery on boat Electric charge of transmitter Transmitter address code: 0-99

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