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Mini infrared RC Wall Climber

The Mini RC Wall Climber is an utterly astonishing, gravity defying, remote controlled RC Mini Wall Climber that does just what its name implies, it really does climb up walls. This zero gravity mini rc wall climber pulls air in under itself which holds it to the wall. Drive it straight at the wall, and when it gets there it starts to tilt upwards and at 45 degrees the Zero Gravity Mini RC Wall Climber with Traction Technology kicks in literally sucking the thing to the wall, where you drive it around just as if it was on the floor. This Mini RC Wall Climber called Zero Gravity, really defies gravity!!!

Product size:12*6.8*4cm

Playing time: 8-10 minutes
Charging time: 30 minutes
Product size:3.7V 250MAH Li-Poly(included)
Transmitter battery: 6*AA(not included)
Functions: climb walls, ceilings, glass walls and the floor.
Remark: this car has A, B & C Infra Red bands, only the band of the remote controller is the same as the band of the car, can it

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