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et-94112-m Upgrade version of Tobotboy - 1/10 4wd R/C Electric power off-road ATV

Packing details :
2.Ctm Size.:67*48.5*59cm

Description :
Lengh: 400mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 160mm
Wheelbase: 275mm
Ground Clearance: 35mm
Gear Ratio:1:10.3
Wheel Width: 60mm
Wheel diameter:105mm
Motor: RC540
Battery: SC 7.2v-1800mAh

1.Powerful RC 540 motor
2.Alum. centre transmission shaft
3.Front/rear differentials with high performance
4.Suspension arms with adjustable width
5.SP03018 electronic speed control provides easy/quick response
6.Anodized alum. radio tray and solid battery cover with two fastened clips
7.Pre-trimmed aggressive tread tires with good protection against skid
8.7.2v 3000mAh Ni-MH battery power
9.Stylish monster ATV body with rider provides much fun on running

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