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et-94187 1/16th scale EP monster ATV - Apollo

Ground Clearance:18mm
Gear ratio:11.1:1
Wheel Width:40mm
Wheel Diameter:77mm
Battey:7.2v 1100mah

1.High precision electronic speed control(SP03018) serves on these 1/16th scale EP vehicles.
2. High performance 7.2V 1100mAH battery pack would never fail to power these 1/16th scale EP vehicles quickly.
3. Good quality shock absorbers provide wonderful shock protection.
4. High performance RC380 motor
5. Solid or aluminum shock towers provide stable installment to shock absorbers..
6. Front/rear bumper useful for protecting accident impacts during
vehicle running.
7. Good quality vehicle wheels provide a long service time.
8. Solid body posts with many holes on are perfect allow for adjusting body height.
9. Extra large radio tray provides stable rest to radio system.
10. Stable battery cover and battery cover posts allow for good battery installment.

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